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How To Find a Broker You Can Trust

July 31, 2020

If you are on the hunt for a mortgage broker, you may have run into some difficulties whilst attempting to find someone who you can trust with your complex financial needs. From sifting through endless reviews, to being overwhelmed with a large variety of brokers, there are many possible obstacles with finding the right mortgage broker for you. To help guide you through this extensive process, tips to aid your journey in finding a trustworthy mortgage broker have been compiled for your convenience.


Finding recommendations for mortgage brokers can assist you in narrowing down the potential broker you will ultimately trust to handle your complex financial needs. Reviews from previous customers can inform you of a broker’s style of operation, as well as their experience in trusting the broker with their own financial situation. This can greatly assist you in your decision of whether they are the right broker for you and your personal finance needs. Brokery cuts down this lengthy process into a simple and easily accessible task by ranking the top three brokers in your local area by reviews from previous customers (independent from brokery). Brokery utilises this approach to lessen the overwhelming nature of sifting through hundreds of reviews to make your decision.

Do your own research

Once compiling a list of potential mortgage brokers, it is important to contact the broker and ask some questions. This will help you in determining the compatibility of the broker and your personal situation. For example, you may ask how much the broker’s services cost, any additional fees and charges, and whether you can view a full list of your borrowing options. After doing so, you can assess their responses to see if a human to human connection can be established between the mortgage broker and yourself, and whether this can translate into a trusting relationship between the two parties. Brokery encourages this practice by making the contact details of brokers readily accessible, saving you time and hassle.

What about going straight to a bank?

Mortgage brokers often make the process of handling your financial needs a seamless and personable experience, ultimately with the focus on you and your personal finance needs. Banks lack this human to human advice and support system, which is the basis of trust in a client-broker relationship. Banks are strictly limited to offering you their own products, where you are potentially missing out on a home loan that is better suited to your personal finance situation. A mortgage broker provides the luxury of choice to a wide range of lenders, where they can choose the best deal to suit you. Bank policy is generally black and white, where complex situations can be mishandled due to bank staff lacking the understanding of how to properly assess such situations. This often results in your application taking a longtime to process, or simply being declined for an unfitting reason. Brokers on the other hand can be considered as credit experts, identifying and negotiating policy exceptions with the credit officer assessing your application. This is attributable to the strong relationships they often have with lenders. For these reasons, finding a mortgage broker to trust with this process will assure you receive the best home loan deal to suit you and your financial needs.

How can brokery help you?

Brokery condenses the effort required to find a credible mortgage broker that you can trust, turning this elaborate process into a few clicks on the computer. Finding a broker that you can trust and work with is greatly simplified for your benefit, where verified reviews and up-to-date statistics are readily available for you to make a better-informed decision. The mortgage broker that you ultimately choose can help find the right terms for you and your personal situation, negotiating where possible to get you the best deal.

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